DR. ELISABETH UDVARHELYI, born 1948; admitted, 1976, Hungary. Education: Universities of Szeged and Budapest, (Dr.Jur., 1972). Member: Hungarian Lawyers Association, Veszprem Bar, Deutscher Anwaltverein (extraordinary membership), German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. LANGUAGES: English, German, Hungarian. PRACTICE AREAS: Business Law; Corporate Law; Company Law; Construction Law, Intellectual Property; Banking Law; Joint Ventures; International Trade; Labour Law E-mail:

DR. OLIVER UDVARHELYI, born 1948; admitted, 1974, Hungary. Education: University of Szeged (Dr.Jur., 1972). Member of the Civil Law Group, Veszprem Committee, Hungarian Academy of Science, 1975-82, Participated in preparation of Amendment of Family Law Act, 1982-85 Researches in Canonic Law. Member: Hungarian Lawyers Association, Veszprem Bar, Vice President, Veszprem Bar 1991-97, Association of Hungarian and Canadian Lawyers. LANGUAGES: English, German, Hungarian. PRACTICE AREAS: Civil Law; Contracts; Inheritance Law; Real Estate; Property Law; Litigation; Private International Law; Immigration Law.


DR. ZOLTAN ENEKES, born 1925; admitted, 1955, Hungary. Education: University of Science, Budapest, (Dr.Jur., 1950). Vice President, Veszprem Bar 1959-1965; President, Veszprem Bar 1965-1989. National Council of Attorneys Operative and Disciplinary Committees, 1965-1989. Presidium, National Council of Attorneys, 1978-1983. Vice President, Veszprem Group of Hungarian Lawyers Association, 1968-1988. LANGUAGES: German, Hungarian. PRACTICE AREAS: Civil Law; Family Law; Litigation; Inheritance Law; Penal Law; Road Traffic Accidents.

DR. MIKLOS F. UDVARHELYI, born 1973; admitted: 1999 Education: University of Szeged (dr.jur, 1996); University of Turku, Finland 1994, (Diploma in Int. Trade) Internship: Studio Legale Tonon, Trieste, Italy, 1996, IRZ Stiftung, Bonn, Germany, Bauer Boving Haferstroh Rechtsanwälte Cologne, Germany 1997; Guest Lecturer at Szeged University, 1997-2001. Member: International Bar Association, Hungarian Association for Intellectual Property Rights, Deutscher Anwaltsverein, Hungarian Association for Mediation LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, Hungarian. PRACTICE AREAS: Business Law; Competition Law; Intellectual Property; Immigration Law, Customs Law, International Trade Law; Labour Law, M&A; E-mail:


LASZLO ZATKALIK, born 1923, Pozsony, (now Bratislava, Slovakia); Education: Academy of Commerce, Pozsony, Bratislava, (BA, 1945). Director, Land Registry of Veszprem County. 1972-1976. President, Land Registry of Veszprem County 1977-82, LANGUAGES: German, Slovakian, Hungarian. PRACTICE AREAS: Real Estate; Land Registration.